My mom has a long shadow






My mom has a long shadow
Short Fiction (2007)

My mom has a long shadow is my second experience as a filmmaker and my first experience in fiction gener.
I have made this film during Abbas Kiarostami’s workshop in 2007. Mr Kiarostami is the winner of 1997 Cannes Palme d’Or . This story is inspired by both the subject of the workshop and almost a true story. After my mother passed away in 2006 the complex manager planted a tree in the yard of our villa, in her memory.
During the workshop we had to make films around two subjects : Taxi and Tree.
One of the days during that workshop, while I was looking at the tree, I asked myself a question : “Are you my mom from now on?”
At the moment I found it a good subject for a film, but I was not able to tell this story as it was, so I made some changes, added a story and put a 9 year old child in my own place.
My mom has a long shadow is about a 9 year old boy who has to write an essay about mother’s day but he writes his essay about a tree instead, and the teacher won’t let him read his essay in the class because he thinks that it is irrelevant to the subject.
My mom has a long shadow was a great experience, getting natural acts from non actors. It was very hard to ask a 9 year old boy who has a mother, to act like someone who has lost his mother and is sad because he is not understood in one of the most important places for him which is school.


Cast and crew

Director : Kaveh Ghahremany
Writer : Kaveh Ghahremany
Editor : Amir Darafsheh
Assistant director : Ahmad Izadifar
Cinematographer : Kaveh Ghahremany
Cast : Mohammad Izadpanah

Festivals attended
– Cannes – France – Partenaire Officiel (May 2008)
– Zoom Zblizenia-Poland – Official Selection/Competition (February 2009)
– XXIV. Black International Cinema Berlin/Germany & USA – Official Selection/Competition  (May 2009)
– Monterrey International Film Festival – Mexico – Official Selection/Competition (August 2009)
– Drama – Greece – Official Selection (September 2009)
– Cabbage town – Canada – Competition (September 2009)
– Third Eye Asian Film Festival – India – Competition (October 2009)
– Laboca Del Lobo – Spain – Competition (October 2009)
– Curta Cinema – Rio de Janeiro International Short Film Festival – Competition (November 2009)
– Smogdance – United States – Competition (January 2010)

International Screenings
– Cinéma Le méliès art et essai recherché – France (May 27th, 2008)
– Pau University of fine arts – France (May 28th, 2009)
– Opolskie Lamy – Poland (April 25th – May 2nd 2009)


– Zoom Zblizenia-Poland – Grand Prix (February 2009)
– XXIV. Black International Cinema Berlin/Germany & USA – Special Filmmaker Award  (May 2009)
– Monterrey International Film Festival – Mexico – Best Short Fiction Film Award (August 2009)
– Cabbage town – Canada – Best Screenplay Award (September 2009)
– Smogdance – United States – Best Short Fiction Film Award  (January 2010)


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