Acireale, Italy






Acireale, Italy
Documentary (2009)

Acireal, Italy is my first documentary film. I have made this film in Acireale city in Sisilia island in Italy under the order of Mr. Franco Rina, director of the Cinemadamare festival in 2009.
The subject of this film was supposed to be one day of Nino Garozzo, mayor of the Acireale’s life.
I had no idea about the city and the mayor himself and I had just two days to think over the subject before the trip to Acireale from Reggio Calabria. That was so difficult to come up with an idea, shoot, edit and finalize a 10-15 mins short movie about what you have no idea about!
Franco Rina told me that “In this festival there are many filmmakers who are professional but I asked you to make this films because I want to see your point of view!”
I asked Maziar Mokhtari and Monika Jakobiak to help me with the film. I knew that it’s impossible to get close to a Sisilian mayor in 3 or 4 days and make a film about “One day of Mayor’s life”only in 7 days and prepare it for the screening, so I decided to give a story telling line to the whole film to be able to wrap it up in a couple of days.



We started our shooting from Reggio Calabria on 7/31/2009 early in the morning and finished it with 9 hours of raw film 5 days later. So we had only 24 hours to finalize our edit.Everything in this movie is real and nothing is prearranged like talking with Vincenzo Mollica, mayor’s wife and even office conversation with Mario Grasso.
It was a really hard job to do but we did it ! Thanks to my dear firends Monika Jakobiak, Ettore Rossi and Maziar Mokhtari.

If you want to make a story about the day of the mayor, You would realize that 3/4 of the day is useless. This doesn’t mean that they are useless, but busy for the results, goals and matters treated.
Nino Garozzo


Cast and crew

Director : Kaveh Ghahremany
Editor : Maziar Mokhtari
Cast : Monika Jakubiak

International Screenings

– Acireale  – Sicilia/Italy (August 6th, 2009)


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