Animation (2008)

Thinking about life in non living things goes back to my childhood. Sometimes it’s normal to see a kid talking to his/her doll or small car. Maybe they think their toys hear them?
I have so many pens which have dried up because of not having their caps back on. Sometimes I think if they were alive we would have killed them by not putting the cap back on after using them.
Tears is about a group of color pens who live together, marry each other and plan to have babies. Everything goes well in this small society till the day when Ms. Yellow’s husband is not back home.
Along with “Tears”, “Lovers” is also about life and love in non living things.


Cast and crew

Director : Kaveh Ghahremany
Writer : Kaveh Ghahremany
Illustrator : Salim Salehi
Animator : Kaveh Ghahremany

Festivals attended
 – XXIV. Black International Cinema Berlin/Germany & USA – Official Selection/Competition  (May 2009)
– Third Eye Asian Film Festival – India – Competition (October 2009)


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