Short Fiction (2007)

A smart little boy hears the sound of cartoon playing from behind the door in the corridor on his way back home decides to get in the house. He thinks that the only way to get in is the need to go to the toilette.
The concept goes back to my childhood. Those days, watching a cartoon was one very special  thing to do. I could forget everything and leave every kind of fun in order to watch a cartoon.
The boy in the movie changes his way, knocks on the door and lies to the man just to get in and watch the cartoon.
I Chose The Pink Panther and specially this episode intentionally, based on what happens in the cartoon and what is going on in real.
“Cartoon” has been made under the subject “Door” in the third workshop of Mr. Abbas Kiarostami in Iran.


Cast and crew

Director : Kaveh Ghahremany
Writer : Kaveh Ghahremany
Editor : Kaveh Ghahremany
Cinematographer : Kaveh Ghahremany

Cast :
Matin Fatourechi
Ali Ebdali


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