There is nobody anymore






There is nobody anymore
Short/Experimental (2008)

The idea of the film “There is nobody anymore” came to my mind when I was asked to participate in a movie in Tehran. My first appointment to meet with the director was in this prison in Tehran.
Qasr prison was built by the order of Fat′h Ali Shah of the Qajar dynasty in 1790 in the form of a palace. It was the first prison in Iran in which the prisoners got their legal rights.
The idea came to my mind right after I got there. Showing those terrifying corridors and all those open cells with walls full of memoirs and prisoners handwriting was the first thing and the strong desire of having empty prisons was the second main inspirations of making this film.
The main concept of this films is about a big prison with no prisoners except one. A ghost is going through all these long corridors to find the last prisoner and make him free.
There is nobody any more has been made under the subject “Door” during Abbas Kiarostami’s third workshop in Iran.


Cast and crew

Director : Kaveh Ghahremany
Writer : Kaveh Ghahremany
Editor : Kaveh Ghahremany
Cinematographer : Kaveh Ghahremany
Cast : Ali Ebdali

Festivals attended
– XXIV. Black International Cinema Berlin/Germany & USA – Official Selection/Competition  (May 2009)
– Corto web / I’ve seen films – Italy – Official Selection/Competition (October 2009)
– 10th Circuito Off Venice International Short Film Festival– Italy – Official Selection/Competition (September 2009)
– Third Eye Asian Film Festival – India – Competition (October 2009)

International Screenings
– Cinéma Le méliès art et essai recherché – France (May 27th, 2008)
– Pau University of fine arts – France (May 28th, 2009)


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